zondag 6 mei 2012

Trails, train trails and some pure lighpainting

Together with Mathieu we set out to get some trails and try to trail a train. This last part was something I wanted to do for a while. And yesterday night we went out to get these train trails.
After this we got some normal trails, then I went out to have a little bit of light painting. All the trails were done with Mathieu, who I have to thank for joining me.

 Trains are great to trail but ofcours we have to wait at least 30min between two trains. But this is something we are going to do next time when we have a little bit more time!

 Messing around with your lens can create some nice effects.

 After this I went out to test my stencil box (it works but it needs some fine tuning) on a parking where I've been before. To play with steel wool and such.

 My drawing skills really need to be improve a lot.

 Yes I tried Pacman again and well I am getting close on getting it right.
Well this all for this time. I hope you enjoyed my work.

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