donderdag 17 mei 2012

Lightpainting Deinze

So we went to Deinze again. We have been there two times now. The first time was with Jochen and then yesterday Kristof and Jennifer. We also decided it may be a good time to take out the steel wool.
But I could keep on talking, lets just look at the results.

This was good fun with Jochen. We also learned from each other and found out that we work pretty good together.
Yesterday we had some company and this is the result.
This one could have gone better but we were doing this with allot of light. So we got around 20sec to draw this. But I do promise we will have two whales next time we go out.

 Its always fun when you combine several aspects in to one picture. We still need a lot of work in combining our skills but we are getting there slowly.

Well the steel wool was again a great adventure. We do this while being very carefully, this is also the reason why I do not recommend doing this when there are a lot of people around you.

This is it for today until next time.

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