zondag 25 november 2012

A new day and a new post

Hello dear readers,

this is an composed update of several nights. We had a lot of fun and its starting to get colder and colder at night.
But I also have to show you our Halloween shots. So I am going to start of with our Halloween photo shoot. We also used Jochen's smoke system. That really made a difference.

  I think he tried to use the smoke to disappear. To bad it was windy.
I found a wood elf who was not shy.
 That poor child does not know what is beneath him.
This is something we will be doing again next year! And try to be more creative and do a lot more.

After this weekend we went back to do some light painting with home made torches (once again thanks to Jochen for making them).

 Used a home made torch on this one. We used our LedLenser to create more light in the darkness.
And  keep on blowing on that torch after the flame went out.

And we learned a few new tricks.
And then we went out to spin some steel wool.
Between two benches. I personally think it needed more exposure time.
 And then we visited this old abandoned building. We found this during Geocaching.

So thats all for today untill the next post!

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