zondag 30 oktober 2011

Got a helping hand + glow stick fluids fun

Well the title is no lie. This friday a good friend of mine came out and decided to come and play with us.
Ofcours we made a lot of pictures but I will not share all of them ofcours. But I will show the best looking pictures with you all.

Klick on read more to see the res tof this set!!

She was trying to hide her face. But by doing sow she over lighted part of the picture :)

Yes that was a happy tree. I kinda think he liked the attention.

Trowing glow sticks to each other. this was done with flash to show how we create certain effects.

Then a few day's later we decided to try out something in a pitch black room. And well this was the result!

This was only possibly by using the fluid within the glow sticks.

After having fun inside we decided to go out. Strech our legs and we visited the Wibra. Where we got ourself another toy. 


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