zondag 12 juni 2011

Noctua on Computex

Like most of you already know Computex is over for this year. Like most companies Noctua was also present there and they have showed several new upcoming products and several prototypes.

There booth on Computex was colored in there recognizable colors that they use on their products. They introduced the new Focused Flow™ fan, they have improved there previous designs.  Second generation of SSO-bearing, custom designed PWM IC. The new design is made to get an even better airflow, a better static pressure so that they can ensure optimal performance on heat sinks and radiators. This and a lot more are all In the Focused Flow™ fan series and they should be available around October.
They also presented an upcoming low profile cooler, for use in small format cases or in HTPC environments. It is possible to use up to two fans depending in which situation you are using the cooler.
Since the new the new Sandy Bridge-E (LGA2011) platform coming soon they also showed there mounting system for the new socket. The new mounting will be backwards compatible with all the Noctua coolers since 2005 and they will be supplied to customers free of charge after providing a proof of purchase. Now this is service by Noctua! Also the upgrade kit should be available when the new platform is launched in Q4 2011. 
And last but also the most interesting part are there new prototypes they had on display. His includes a new 140mm dual tower, downdraft cooler with 7 heat pipes and 20% more surface area, a slim tower design for one or two 140mm fans. And they also have a prototype with 8 heat pipe triple stack design. Making better use of the airflow of two fans than previous dual tower designs. 
Well this is it for today, all photos are property of Noctua and I have used them with their permission. And if you wish to read the official post then follow this link; http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=news_list&news_id=66&lng=en

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